Understand The Process

The fabric you see on the website is specifically meant for creating stylish upper jackets such as Sherwani, Indo-Western, Jodhpuri, Tuxedo and Bundis. For the  Inner Kurta in the mentioned styles we will be using Linen Silk material and for the shirt in Tuxedos we will use Super Fine Giza Cotton respectively. This allows you to customize your outfit with a variety of fabric options.

If you want to search the look of the final product, find the pattern name in the 'Product Description' and type the same in the search. There can be some products in which the final look wouldn't be available.
  • Choose your fabric: The first step is to select the type of fabric you want for your clothing. Our website has a variety of options for kurtas, sherwanis, indowesterns, jodhpuris, tuxedos and others. Consider factors such as embroidery, color and the look you're going for when making your choice.
  • Select your style: We have explained all the styles in detail in the page given below. 
Understand Men's Ethnic Styles [ Click Here ]


  • Select your body type: The next step is to identify your body type from the available options, which typically include forward chest, forward belly, or balanced. This information will help the us to fetch the best fit for your body shape.


    • Choose your size: After you've selected your body type, it's time to choose your size. Typically, you'll need to measure your chest with a measure tape tightly as explained in the respective guide.
    • Choose your preferred fit: Once you have your size, you can choose the fit you prefer. Body fit will be a tight-fitting option, Balanced will be more relaxed, and Comfort fit will be the most relaxed option.
    • Choose your shoulder shape: Finally, you'll want to choose the shoulder shape that best suits your body type, straight or sloping.
    • After you have completed these steps, you can add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout. Keep in mind that it's always a good idea to double-check your choices and refer all the size guides to ensure you're ordering the right size for your body type.
    • We are currently in the process of developing customizations for various types of bottoms, but it will take some time before they are ready. Once you place an order, we will be contacting you via WhatsApp or Email to discuss the appropriate bottoms for your order